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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are light steel construction systems?

Light steel construction system is a form of construction in which the structural elements are carrier-like (wall-flooring) and produced by cold forming method from galvanized light steel. All kinds of structures up to 11.5 meters can be made with light steel.

Can you build a house anywhere you want?

We can build houses all over Turkey as long as they comply with the necessary zoning procedures.

Can I move my house to another location in the future?

Yes. It is possible to be dismantled and moved to another place after being built under certain conditions.

Semi-Completed Delivery and
What is Turnkey?

Turnkey is the complete completion of all the processes of your project and its delivery to you in this way. In turnkey projects, applications such as Furniture (Kitchen Cabinet, Bathroom Cabinet, Glassless Door, Cornice and Customer-Specific Applications), Parquet and ceramic coating are done completely.


In projects that are delivered half-completed, basic operations are carried out. It is delivered by performing operations such as steel installation, internal and external wall operations, electrical installation and plumbing, screed casting.

Are steel structure systems safer than reinforced concrete?

Yes. Oska steel houses are less exposed to earthquake force as they are lighter than reinforced concrete structures. Steel structural elements are more resistant to earthquake force as they are not fragile like reinforced concrete but show a ductile behavior.

What are the advantages of light steel structure?

It is durable, robust and safe. It provides high sound, heat and water insulation. The production system, whose pre-production is carried out in the factory, allows for error-free and fast production. Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, it provides more efficient earthquake performance.

How will the house be insulated in a very cold or hot climate?

Thermal insulation properties are calculated according to the climatic characteristics of the place where your house will be built, and the most suitable insulation materials are used.

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