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Garden Serisi

80 m² 2+1 ANKARA


Model Kodu: M2-80

Our productions are Patent Registered Products.
It is forbidden to manufacture, sell, distribute, export and purchase the brand, product or similar products.



Quick Setup
Due to the fact that the production is done in the factory environment, it saves time thanks to the rapid completion of the production and its installation in 1 day.

​Portable - Sellable
Just like buying a car, you can move it or sell it whenever you want. Our company provides this service

Affordable Cost
Since the construction phase takes place in the factory, you can have an economical house thanks to the cost advantage.

Modular houses provide energy savings in all seasons thanks to their high thermal insulation, saving design and materials used.

Production Details
Module houses are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. All materials used are carefully selected quality products.

Module houses are produced in different sizes and models. Farm houses, holiday villages, hotels, offices and can be designed according to many demands.

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