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What is Moduler House?

Models and technical details will be with you COMİNG soon!

10,000 Housing in 34 Years


"This Experience Is Unmissable"

Owning a Home in 1 Day is No Longer a Dream with a Modular Home!

Modular houses are an increasingly common form of construction today. The gradual development of the building materials used in modular buildings and the diversification of the product range make the modular house even more comfortable, useful and profitable. Modular houses are created by combining the building parts produced in the factory according to the customer's wishes and creating living spaces in different styles.

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The modular building parts designed and produced in the factory environment are started to be mounted on the concrete floor or on the land where the building skeleton has been prepared. The steel structure, connection tools and the rough materials of the building, which form the basic structure of the building, are made ready. Immediately after, the roof, windows and doors of the modular house are placed. Rough assembly is completed by adding insulation materials. The latest electricity and water assemblies are added. According to the customer's request, floor coverings and special home accessories, if any, are added and the building is completed in a short time.


Modular home buildings are produced off-site in a factory-controlled environment. A building can be produced completely in the factory environment, and only some parts can be obtained with this type of production method.

In many cases, modular contractors work with traditional general contractors to exploit the resources and benefits of each type of construction. Completed modules are transported to the construction site and assembled with a crane. The placement of the modules varies from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the house.


Space Saving

Modular houses allow you to save space, thanks to its ability to easily adapt to the structure and size of the land on which it will be built, and its construction that does not require a foundation.

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Quick Setup

Due to the fact that the production is carried out in the factory environment, it saves time thanks to the rapid completion of the production and the ease of installation and assembly.

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Modular houses provide energy savings in four seasons with their high thermal insulation, design planned for savings and the availability of natural materials.

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Affordable Cost

Thanks to the use of less materials during construction and the energy savings it provides, you can have an economical, stylish and useful house with less budget.

Flexible Details

They give an aesthetic and stylish appearance thanks to their personal and customizable structure.

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Modular houses have the advantage of being produced in different structures, with materials that can change according to the preferences of the users.

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Thanks to its portability and easy installation, you can take your home with you wherever you go, or you can have a stylish home built elsewhere that will cost much less than expensive structures such as concrete.

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The construction phase is completed in a much shorter time as the parts of the modular structures are brought to the site ready to be assembled. This prevents both environmental pollution and noise pollution.

We carry out the construction of your Modular House in our facility with a closed area of 4,000 m2 in Gaziantep, using the latest technology. If you want to own a Tiny House, you can come to our facilities at any time, see and experience the comfort, quality and durability you are looking for.


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A More Practical Home

With your modular house, you can live wherever and whenever you want.

Technological Houses

We are building a more aesthetic, comfortable, practical and safe tiny house with new technologies.


We raise standards by using top quality products in our applications

Patented Products

We have been working for the best with the trust and experience we have given to our customers for years.

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