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What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House Technology Combined with OSKA Experience!

10,000 Housing in 34 Years


"This Experience Is Unmissable"


OSKA GROUP is a versatile company operating in many fields since its establishment. Operating in the construction industry since 1989, Oska İnşaat A.Ş. He has signed many projects in 33 years.


If you want to get away from the crowd and noise of the city and prefer to be in your own living space, tiny house houses are just for you. Oska Çelik Ev Tiny House, which is the minimalized version of the modern living space, will be with you soon with different models and capacities!



All our products are patented. Our tiny house models, carefully prepared by our designers, are registered and protected in order to protect them from imitations. The designs and images on the website or social media channels cannot be copied without the written permission of our company.


The products are designed by our company and are patented by the Turkish Patent Institute.

All static and dynamic calculations of the main chassis are made by lightening the S 235 JR steel material class laser cut and twisted chassis. License plate lamps with E certificate conforming to visa regulations.14 inch Wheel + Tire 4 jacks, each of which is 1500 kg durable.

Lightened traverse application has been made on the chassis without using a profile. It is painted by electrostatic powder coating or spraying.

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Let's design the most suitable mobile mobile home for your dreams, style, taste and needs together. brand new,


Enjoy your holiday and freedom to the full with our comfortable Tiny House Models that you can use in 4 seasons.

We carry out the construction of your Tiny House in our facility with a closed area of 4,000 m2 in Gaziantep, using the latest technology. If you want to own a Tiny House, you can come to our facilities at any time, see and experience the comfort, quality and durability you are looking for.


4. Organized Industrial Zone 83422 Nolu Cad. No:10 PK:39 . 27600 SEHITKAMIL, GAZIANTEP TURKEY


  • It stands out with its functionality.

  • It causes little harm to the environment.

  • Compared to large structures, it is a more resistant structure to earthquakes depending on the construction technique and materials used.

  • It can be mass produced.

  • It has modular and expandable features.

  • It can be moved from one place to another.

  • It enables self-contained and sustainability issues.

  • It saves energy.

  • Taxes, licenses, fees, etc. before the laws. may have privileges.

  • It is not only a home, but also a lifestyle and a minimalist philosophy.

  • It allows to establish a closer relationship with nature and the environment.

  • Maintenance and renewal costs are less.

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity, natural gas etc. saves costs.

  • It can provide convenience to people to build their own houses.

  • In emergencies and disasters, tiny house model mini-cities can be established.


  • You have to make serious sacrifices from your classical lifestyle.

  • It is not suitable for crowded, families with children, frequent guests and those living with pets.

  • Sufficient storage space for food, drink, clothes, fuel, goods, etc. does not provide.

  • The interchangeability of fixed furniture and other interior products limits the choices of users in decoration and household products.

  • Not suitable for claustrophobic people.

  • It may not comply with the special provisions of the zoning law and other laws.

  • There may be special circumstances regarding traffic and license issues for the wheelhouse.

  • You may have difficulties in clean water, waste water and waste management.

  • There may be a risk of fire depending on the materials used in its construction.

  • Since the place is small, there is a ventilation problem in very hot and very cold weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Features Of Tiny House For Sale?

Tiny house weights generally vary between 2-3 tons. These houses are sold with Type C load tires. However, there are also tiny house manufacturers with caravan style license plates weighing less than 2 tons. Aluminum composite is generally used as building material in these lighter houses.

What should the Tiny House land be like?

Mobile homes usually have a jack and four tires on each of the four corners. In other words, your house stays in contact with the ground from 8 points. It is sufficient to put concrete or wooden shoes (40x40cm) so that the ends of the jacks do not sink when the ground softens. You can arrange other parts of the land as you wish.

Tiny House Is it possible to live in Turkey in summer and winter?

Manufacturers produce products with insulation suitable for winter conditions. Since the tiny house has a small volume, there is no heating problem in winter. However, we recommend paying special attention to insulation when choosing a product.

How should the tiny house clean and dirty water infrastructure be?

If you are going to be constantly relocating with your mobile home, a waste water tank should be included in your wheelhouse design, as in caravans. No, if you say you will not move it for at least a year, it is enough to have a connection to the sewer or septic tank. Ready-made septic tanks are sold, you can easily make them. The issue of clean water is also solved with a direct connection to the mains water, as in dirty water, or with water tanks of 3-4-5-10 tons, or with the ready infrastructure of tiny house parking areas.

How is heating in a tiny house?

The most common method for heating is electricity, but there are also those who add stoves to their home designs or add solar panels to generate their own electricity. It's up to your preference. Manufacturers' standard tiny house designs definitely include air conditioning installations.

Do you need a zoning permit for Tiny House?

Tiny house cottages are legally not a house, but a caravan. These houses have Type approval certificates, license plates and traffic licenses, just like caravans. Therefore, it is subject to highway regulations. You don't need a zoning permit, you park in accordance with the highway regulations, that's all.

A More Practical Home

With your tiny house, you can live in any season, wherever you want.

Technological Houses

We are building a more aesthetic, comfortable, practical and safe tiny house with new technologies.


We raise standards by using top quality products in our applications

Patented Product

We have been working for the best with the trust and experience we have given to our customers for years.

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You can call us at 0850 308 21 41  to get information about our projects.

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