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Small touches to big dreams!

The products are designed by our company
and Patent Registered Product.


Model Kodu: T1-45-11

45 M² 1+1

Coming Soon!

A First in Turkey...

Seyir Halinde - 8x2.55 Mt - 21 M²
Açıldığında - 8x6.81 Mt - 45 M²

  • O2 belgeli römork.

  • 4 veya 5 kişilik aileler için uygun

  • Boyu 8.00 metre ve eni 2.55 metre uzunluğundadır.

  • 45 metre kare kullanım alanına sahiptir.

  • Doğramalar alüminyum.

  • Camlar damperli ve konfor cam

  • Lake boyalı mobilyalar

  • Mutfak tezgahı.

Our productions are Patent Registered Products

It is forbidden to manufacture, sell, distribute, export and purchase the brand, product or similar products.


It was designed and patented by Oska Çelik Ev for the first time in Turkey.

It complies with the highway regulations, but can grow up to 3 times when parked.

All details have been prepared as a result of months of research and development.

It is manufactured using galvanized mild steel technology that is durable for 100 years.

It is delivered on a trailer that is completely made of high quality materials in the factory and has a Q2 certificate

Thanks to its lengthening and shortening legs, it becomes compatible with the terrain.

Tiny houses are our passion.

While trying to meet the expectations of our customers, we try to harmonize our projects with modern architectural criteria.

As a company that has built thousands of houses for 33 years, we are trying to offer a solid product and create a Tiny house small house brand.

Like buying a car, buy and start driving, sell whenever you want


It is a product of Oska Çelik Ev.
It is forbidden to manufacture, sell, distribute, export and buy a similar product of our patent-registered product, the R&D studies of which are made by Oska Çelik.

​Portable - Sellable
Just like buying a car, you can move it or sell it whenever you want. Our company provides this service.

Affordable Cost
Since it has a structure that can grow, it is more economical than its counterparts on an m2 basis.

Tiny house provides energy saving in all seasons thanks to its high thermal insulation, design planned for savings and the materials used.

​Production Details
Tiny house tiny houses are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. All materials used are carefully selected quality products.

Included in the Price

✓ Galvanized steel
✓ 8 meter long trailer with O2 certificate
✓ Exterior and Interior wall coverings

✓ Aluminum windows and mosquito nets
✓ Electrical and plumbing
✓ Sanitaryware products

✓ Kitchen cabinet, hilton and interior doors
✓ Roof
✓ Air conditioning infrastructure installation

Not Included In The Price

✓ Land price
✓ Shipping cost

✓ Applications such as landscape and pool
✓ Movable furniture (bed, coffee table, chair, armchair etc.)

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